Guitar - Still Life Product Photography

Sometimes models are hard to come by and you get the itch to make something happen. I had one such evening, so I grabbed my guitar and decided to work on a little still life/product photography. Something a little more artsy than catalog. 

Tech Details

Set: In studio, black sheet for the backdrop

Lights: Canon 580exII in a small softbox camera left, gold reflector camera right, LumoPro LP160 camera right with flag covering the neck.

Chelsea - Sunset at Any Time of Day

I invited Chelsea over again to work test out a portrait method. I was getting ready to shoot a morning-to-midday wedding and I wanted to see if I could mimic a dramatic sun set portrait with a pair of speedlights and a CTO gel. 

Tech Details

Set: My backyard, 2pm in shade

Lights: LumoPro LP160 with 1/2 CTO gel to rear of subject. Canon 580exII in LumiQuest LTp softbox

Other Notes: I think this was pretty effective. You can spice up your typical "Midday open shade" portrait when natural light isn't optimal by using a pair of speedlights, a gel and a small softbox. Not too shabby. 

Jackson at 3 months

At three months old, I got my first born son in front of my camera for the first time. For the first three months I left the portrait work to other people, but after getting burned by portrait company, I decided to take over my own kids portraits, at least for the time being. 

Tech Details:

Set: A black sheet on the couch draped in a sweep, a boppy pillow under the sheet and the kid laying tummy down in the U-shaped area of the boppy

Lights: a single Canon 580exII through an umbrella to camera right, triggered by PC sync cable

Notes: Patience is key with kids, they are often cold, wet, hungry etc. when its photo shoot time