Southern California

More fun with the Fuji X100s

Well my two week rental of the Fujifilm X100s is over, but I enjoyed the camera so much that I decided to order one for myself. Here are a few more snaps with this camera that is quickly pulling me out of a rut. 

Photographer Adam Queen watches the rain at the SB Fulfillment Center/Photo Studio for HauteLook. 

Jackson checks out the Polar Bears at the San Diego zoo

Sunset outside the San Diego Zoo

Product Stylist Loretta preps handbags at the HauteLook SB Photo Studio

Hannah relaxes

I've been shooting mostly black and white, but I love the Fuji Velvia color film setting on this camera. 

Hannah enjoys a mild evening in Canyon Crest

Alesia enjoys her burger from Bucket List Burgers in Canyon Crest

Hannah protests getting her picture taken. 

Chelsea - Sunset at Any Time of Day

I invited Chelsea over again to work test out a portrait method. I was getting ready to shoot a morning-to-midday wedding and I wanted to see if I could mimic a dramatic sun set portrait with a pair of speedlights and a CTO gel. 

Tech Details

Set: My backyard, 2pm in shade

Lights: LumoPro LP160 with 1/2 CTO gel to rear of subject. Canon 580exII in LumiQuest LTp softbox

Other Notes: I think this was pretty effective. You can spice up your typical "Midday open shade" portrait when natural light isn't optimal by using a pair of speedlights, a gel and a small softbox. Not too shabby.