Photo Studio Challenge - Round 1

As some readers of this blog may know, I am a full time staff photographer in a product studio for Nordstrom. I work with several other very talented photographers and stylists who all love their jobs. We decided collectively to start a bi-weekly photo challenge, we could be creative and share with each other some work outside of product photography. Every two weeks we will identify a theme, shoot an image or series of images, and then get together and share our images and process. 

Our first round theme was "Street Photography" which we defined as a natural candid moment, shot without posing or any interference from the photographer. Here are the submissions:


Karen Utley - www.karenutley.com

Bonnie Warrington - www.bonniewarrington.com

Jenni Wilson - www.jenniwilson.com

Kimmy Ann Snow

Daniel T Jester 

Joe & Meghan - Engagement Portrait

Joe and Meghan are a cute couple with a very specific sense of humor and style. We did engagement photos at Riverside's Fairmont Park and I wanted to make sure to bring a complementary style to their portraits. Just having both of them stand in the gazebo holding hands, facing straight on would have been a little cliche at this point in couples portraiture, but to apply a little of the Brenizer method and include a significant amount of the environment, plus exposing it such that we get some blown highlights around the outside of the gazebo's creates an atmosphere that is a little magical, more interesting and less cliche. The signature look of the Brenizer method is there, but very subtle. 

Joe & Meghan | Engagement Session | Fairmont Park, Riverside CA