natural light

Chelsea - Sunset at Any Time of Day

I invited Chelsea over again to work test out a portrait method. I was getting ready to shoot a morning-to-midday wedding and I wanted to see if I could mimic a dramatic sun set portrait with a pair of speedlights and a CTO gel. 

Tech Details

Set: My backyard, 2pm in shade

Lights: LumoPro LP160 with 1/2 CTO gel to rear of subject. Canon 580exII in LumiQuest LTp softbox

Other Notes: I think this was pretty effective. You can spice up your typical "Midday open shade" portrait when natural light isn't optimal by using a pair of speedlights, a gel and a small softbox. Not too shabby. 

Hilary + Travis - Engagement Pictures on the Beach

One of my closest friends Hilary met the man of her dreams and they got engaged. To commemorate the occasion, we headed to Oceanside, CA to do some engagement pictures on the beach. 

Hilary & Travis | Engagement Session | Oceanside, CA

Tech Details

Set: The beach in Oceanside, CA

Lights: Sunlight with a reflector

Other Notes: I love this photo