Photo Studio Challenge - Round 1

As some readers of this blog may know, I am a full time staff photographer in a product studio for Nordstrom. I work with several other very talented photographers and stylists who all love their jobs. We decided collectively to start a bi-weekly photo challenge, we could be creative and share with each other some work outside of product photography. Every two weeks we will identify a theme, shoot an image or series of images, and then get together and share our images and process. 

Our first round theme was "Street Photography" which we defined as a natural candid moment, shot without posing or any interference from the photographer. Here are the submissions:


Karen Utley -

Bonnie Warrington -

Jenni Wilson -

Kimmy Ann Snow

Daniel T Jester 

Jackson at 3 months

At three months old, I got my first born son in front of my camera for the first time. For the first three months I left the portrait work to other people, but after getting burned by portrait company, I decided to take over my own kids portraits, at least for the time being. 

Tech Details:

Set: A black sheet on the couch draped in a sweep, a boppy pillow under the sheet and the kid laying tummy down in the U-shaped area of the boppy

Lights: a single Canon 580exII through an umbrella to camera right, triggered by PC sync cable

Notes: Patience is key with kids, they are often cold, wet, hungry etc. when its photo shoot time