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Whitening Teeth in Capture One

As of version 8 of Capture One, users have been blessed with the ability to control white balance on an adjustment layer. This is useful for a number of reasons, but the biggest win for my workflow is a very simple, and very repeatable way to whiten and brighten teeth in Capture One.

For a change of pace, I recorded a video to demonstrate this technique. Steps are detailed out below. 

Step One: Make you desired adjustments to the overall image

Step Two: In the Local Adjustment tool tab, create a new adjustment layer and call it "Teeth"

Step Three: Use the paint brush tool to paint a mask over your subjects teeth

Step Four: Use the local White Balance adjustment tool to reduce the Kelvin temperature of the masked area until you achieve the desired effect. You can also locally adjust exposure and/or brightness to further enhance the teeth. 

I find this to be a really effective, easy, and easily repeatable way to enhance tooth that appear too yellow, while keeping your images in Capture One. I used to rely on Photoshop to do any teeth whitening I needed, which meant I made my adjustments in Capture One, then exported to Photoshop for further editing. Now I can keep 99% of my workflow in Capture One, reserving Photoshop for only major editing.  

Joe & Meghan - Engagement Portrait

Joe and Meghan are a cute couple with a very specific sense of humor and style. We did engagement photos at Riverside's Fairmont Park and I wanted to make sure to bring a complementary style to their portraits. Just having both of them stand in the gazebo holding hands, facing straight on would have been a little cliche at this point in couples portraiture, but to apply a little of the Brenizer method and include a significant amount of the environment, plus exposing it such that we get some blown highlights around the outside of the gazebo's creates an atmosphere that is a little magical, more interesting and less cliche. The signature look of the Brenizer method is there, but very subtle. 

Joe & Meghan | Engagement Session | Fairmont Park, Riverside CA 

Jackson at 3 months

At three months old, I got my first born son in front of my camera for the first time. For the first three months I left the portrait work to other people, but after getting burned by portrait company, I decided to take over my own kids portraits, at least for the time being. 

Tech Details:

Set: A black sheet on the couch draped in a sweep, a boppy pillow under the sheet and the kid laying tummy down in the U-shaped area of the boppy

Lights: a single Canon 580exII through an umbrella to camera right, triggered by PC sync cable

Notes: Patience is key with kids, they are often cold, wet, hungry etc. when its photo shoot time