Environmental Portraits

The BBQ Guy - A Workshop Portrait

My friend Kyle is pretty handy. Among other things, he builds barbecues and smokers out of old propane tanks. This was a portrait done in his workshop with some cool tools and a few speedlights. 

Tech Details

Set: Kyle's workshop with a completed smoker and a fresh tank

Lights: Canon 580exII, 2x LumoPro LP160

Other Notes: We almost didn't get this shot because I thought that turning on the torch would be too cheesy. We decided to try it anyway, and it was by far my favorite shot. You're already there, lights are already set up, shoot everything you think could work. 

Hello Darling - A Noir Themed Tribute

I am a fan of both the Noir genre and the movie stars of old. As such, I thought it might be fun and interesting to do a noir themed photo shoot tribute to Ava Gardner. I called my friend (and muse) Blanca and got her in the studio. 

Tech Info

Set: An old round dining table with a wall behind


Key light is a Canon 580exII overhead in a beauty dish that is in the frame to look like an overhead lamp.

Background light is a bare LumoPro LP160 with yours truly casting the sinister shadow

Another LumoPro LP160 was bounced off a reflector from low camera left to fill Blanca's face slightly. 

Other Info: Wardrobe was lent from GoJane.com. Hair and make up by my lovely wife.