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Life This Week - Life LAST week: Disneyland

I'm a little late on my weekly life post, but here it is. 100% family Disneyland photos. 

***WARNING*** This post is photo heavy, even for me. 

First things first: Feed the kids. Jack would need all the energy he could get. Flo's in Cars Land at California Adventure is THE place to eat. 

Stopped for a quick family photo in front of the boardwalk. The employee that took this photo took the time to compose us and made a really nice family photo. Thanks man!

Saw Buzz Lightyear and Jack was excited to get a picture with him

Then Jessie came and we got to witness this little moment between cartoon lovers

Walt Disney is making headlines again

All Jack wants to do when he grows up is drive, thus Autopia one of his favorite rides

A) I think I found a secret target B) We broke down for a few minutes :)

This was the first trip that Jack was tall enough to ride the 40" rides. He was so excited to ride Star Tours!

The last ride of the trip was the Casey Jr. Train, note Jack clutching his light sabre for dear life